Monday, October 17, 2011

Black Panther Dream

I often have dreams that involve big cats. They never maul me, and I never kill them. They are always in my vicinity and I'm nervous, would prefer not to be in their presence; but I never run or wish to do them harm. I wouldn't call it a stand-off either, I just deal with it or them best as possible and eventually I'm onto a new scene in my dream.

This is the first dream about a panther. In trying to interpret the dream, I found out a panther is the same thing as a jaguar and a leopard, the colors just change. I also found out...

Astral travel
Guardian energy
Symbol of the feminine
Understanding of death
Reclaiming ones power
Ability to know the dark
Death and rebirth

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Got invited to a Potluck, Sing - a -Long this Friday!  The hosts are a gay couple, so you know they'll do it right.  I love musicals, standards and corny fun so much, I may as well be a gay man myself.