Monday, June 27, 2011

OMG, I Can't Believe I Just Ordered a Smart Phone!

I'm funny about technology, sometimes I love it, like blogging, and other times I'm good with having way below state-of-the-art, like my TV which is circa 1994.

It's really more like I hate to upgrade until it's absolutely necessary. Ostensibly, this is due to financial restrictions, but sometimes I wonder if I wouldn't do the same thing if I won the Publisher's Clearing House. (Which, I online enter everyday).

Earlier this month, Philadelphia Cinema Alliance contacted me to blog and do social media for QFEST (Philadelphia's Gay and Lesbian Film Festival) This was so excellent, cause it's actually my first paid blogging gig!  And I'm not even Gay! Unfortunately, because I started two weeks ago and will work up until 7/19, my eventual income from it will be about 25cents an hour, but it's a good start.

Anyway, since I need to be able to tweet and fb and check-in (foursquare) at different times during the day; and my day gig blocks employees from social media sites. I decided it was actually time to upgrade my little Cricket phone to a face fingering, Smart Phone.  Didn't go with the IPhone. Orginally was going to get a Blackberry, but couldn't work out an upgrade deal with Cricket.  Then I thought, maybe instead of a phone, I'll just get a Mobile Broadband Device for my Netbook.  So, I went to Sprint and got hooked up with one $70 a month!

I was told it would replace my slow 768kps Verizon DSL.  Only problem the Sprint Sierra Wireless 250U 3G/4G USB doesn't run well on my desktop, it's no faster than my DSL and it doesn't get enough signal strength to interface with facebook applications like adding links, photos or video & sometimes the Twitter page won't come up at all! Works a little better on the Netbook, but often has the same delimmas.

So I called Sprint to say I'm cancelling the service (still within my 30 day trial) And, as sales people are supposed to do, Francis talked me into getting the HTC Evo 4G.  Which according to her is going to not only be my phone, but also my wireless router for both my at home desktop and on the go with my netbook. 

When I said how do you know this will get enough signal quality to give me internet speed on my 5 year old, running XP desktop?  She said I might have to purchase a wireless converter from Radio Shack, but that the technology in the HTC Evo is far superior to the mobile broadband device. 

Cost: $27.00 for the phone itself as a new customer/$69.99 for monthly phone charges/ $29.99/mo for the wireless modem capability /$10/mo for just having the privilege of a smart phone and $7/mo for insurance. God knows what the tax will be, but let's just say another $10. Grand total! = $129.23/mo.

But I'll drop Cricket at $55/mo /drop Verizon which was only $21.99/mo, but too slow to even watch a video on Youtube. And, I had ordered a pocket camcorder on Amazon to use at the festival ($150.00 used) and now I cancelled that order, cause I feel the camcorder on the new phone will be good enough for my festival capturing.

So, I'll let you know how it goes.  It will suck if it doesn't work as my internet service, cause then what!? God willing, my biggest problem will be getting used to a buttonless (touch screen) phone and learning all those apps!

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  1. Well, mixed reviews. I love the phone! I took to having a smart phone like a duck to water. Love all the apps. Having no issues with the phone. But the WiFi hotspot capability is not picking up a strong signal in my apartment. It works well outside of my apt, but it's not reliable enough to shut off my DSL, so now I'm paying $150 a month in internet/phone bills. Will my pay scale ever catch up with this digital world?