Saturday, July 28, 2012

Will Things Go to Shit If You Live in the Present?

For me, the present being a present, is such a hard concept to grasp. 

Everything good is always in the past or a desperate hope for the future; made ever more desperate with each passing birthday.

The present is most often just things you're trying to get done before going to bed. These things hardly ever feel as if they are preparing the way of a good outcome for the future.

I wanna put my trust in The Universe - too concentrate on truly enjoying or at least being fully engaged, presently in whatever I'm doing - whomever I'm with - where ever I am; and in turn, the Universe will keep providing me with more and more of what I want. So that eventually, the future that I worried about, is my present, and it's still all good.

But this kind of trust requires blocking out anything you've ever felt was a mistake on your part. A mistake made from not being ever vigilant, from not properly preparing for the future, for not worrying enough.  You see people in bad financial straights once they retire; you see lonely people who never found anyone with whom to share their life; you see dreams that never came close to being fulfilled.  All this keeps you from believing in a simple concept like - "Live in the Present".

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