Sunday, February 20, 2011

Feeling Weary, Fat and Poor

It wasn't my birthday, but I was supposed to go to a birthday get together tonight. After fretting for quite sometime, I wrote this on her facebook page:
Sitting here thinking that not only is the wind crazy and I have no heat in my car. I also have no cute shoes to wear and can't afford to pay for parking. So I'm out for Silk City tonight. But I'll be there in spirit and I truly wish you a Superb and Fabulous 27th Birthday!

Also turned down a visit from a gentleman caller
. Why? Because I used to be fabulous and now I just feel Weary (job searching, having to move, no hairdresser, no mani/pedi, old car) Fat (stress eating the wrong cheap stuff) and Poor (self-explanatory). But I will eventually thrive, right?

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  1. Oh, LeAnne, I think this dreary weather and tough economy gets us all down sometimes. We've just met but my first impression of you was all fabulous and yes, you will thrive again.