Monday, February 21, 2011

Hyperbole and a Half is the Best Blog Ever!

Allie Brosh has created a goldmine of humor that is just pure brilliance. Written in such a manner that allows a cross section of people to be truly made happy by it.

I think all bloggers have a muse that inspires us to want to write and share, but it's as if Allie's muse is The Muse God favors.

I am awed by her talent and success and of course envious. But mostly, I just wish her good tidings and that her muse continues to stay in good favor, so we can continue to be highly entertained. Parp!


  1. Wise words LeAnne - I often think about a few people I know who just cannot be happy for anyone else and constantly tear everyone down with critisisms and negativity. As we discussed last week, you put the good out there; it goes out in waves of positiveness and comes back in droves. It's good to be honest and admit your envy - but don't dwell on it, instead find the inspiration and learn how you too can incorporate some of this creativity into your life. Hugs!