Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Words to Live By

I've been watching reruns of Dynasty on my phone through this free site called TV.com.  It's entertaining, but the show really doesn't hold up. I'd forgotten what a ridiculous parody it was on daytime serials.

One thing that I am loving is its ability to bring to my mind words (thoughts) to the effect of: Opulence, Grandeur, Elegance, Abundance, Glamour, Excess, Romance, Sex, Sumptuousness, Lavish, Pampered, Shopping, Fabulousity, Funds, Privilege, Beauty, Idleness, Posh, Sophistication, Parties, Panache and not completely in the full sense of the word, but I have to add Freedom.


  1. I heard the series is coming back. Let's hope shoulder pads don't come with it!

    1. I'd heard about a Dallas return, but not Dynasty. I can see the next generation of Dallas being interesting, not feeling a new Dynasty.