Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Orange Moon

It was this kind of moon tonight. 

Technically, what is referred to as a Harvest Moon, except that term is really reserved for full moons in autumn.

When I see a full moon, especially one as big and close and orange as the one tonight.  I feel excitement! It's like I can't contain myself; and then I realize there's really nothing to do but look at it, or perhaps try to capture it with your camera phone.

I asked myself tonight, what is it that would satisfy my relationship with the moon? Where do I want to direct my excitement?

My answer: I realized I wish on nights like this, there were still pagan festivals, where one could dance around a bonfire, naked and fornicate in a clearing in the woods. Everyone laughing out loud with joy and abandon. Not in worship of the moon, but rather in acknowledgment and awe.

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