Saturday, March 3, 2012

I'm a Girl

I attended a short film festival called LunaFest (See Tinsel & Tine post)

One of the films was called I'm a Girl by Susan Koenen (Amsterdam)
The film featured a series of interviews with a 13 year-old "girl" Joppe, who was actually born a boy.

Now from time to time, we've seen this, nature seems to get the X & Y chromosome all mixed up, creating a boyish girl or a girlish boy or an androgynous being. Which is an unfortunate cross to bear through life.

However, this young girl, Joppe is different - not only did she seem amazingly well-adjusted, confident and open;  she truly is a girl!  There's just no male energy to be found anywhere.  Yes, she has a penis and she's not developing curves, (can't be given female hormones until she's 16) but she is every sense through and through female - now. I say now because they showed pictures of her as a baby up til about 4 years-old and she did NOT appear to be a feminine baby, she/he was a boy.

This got me to thinking less about science, DNA, psychology  etc... and more about a spiritual explanation. Could it be possible that little boy died in his sleep one night and at the same time, some little girl died too. Only instead of crossing over, that little girl decided to inhabit that boy's body. Perhaps her spirit being stronger than his, was able to reanimate his body. The next morning no one would know the difference until little by little the young boy starts acting and desiring things more female in nature.

Who can say, life is so mysterious...

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