Friday, April 20, 2012

Mia Muratori's Cyber Silk Highway

My friend Mia only has 13 days left to raise funds for her Textile Design Company. Check out her KickStarter Campaign below:

I am raising capital for my DESIGN COMPANY.
While primarily a painter, I have always used a variety of materials and techniques to make fine art.  Translating iconic, archetypal and universal imagery from my paintings to TEXTILE DESIGN, I have designed rugs and tapestries-art that can be lived with and enjoyed everyday in your home or office- using imagery which spans thousands of years and multiple cultures.
Determined to use the FINEST MATERIALS AND TECHNIQUES in a respectful and responsible manner, I collaborate exclusively with fair trade artisans. The rugs from this particular project are designed by me and knotted by adult artisans in Pakistan.

Communications between myself and my artisan partners in Pakistan have been largely through cyberspace, crossing geographical and cultural boundaries.  These unspoken exchanges have required us to build a mutual trust in understanding what was required to create these rugs-and the final product has exceeded expectations.

I have loved creating these special pieces, but my biggest reward is knowing that together we are building positive livelihoods for all of us.  This is at the heart of what I want my business to be.

Funds contributed now will go to production and marketing of the LIMITED EDITION HEIRLOOM RUG SERIES.

I hope that you will support my project so that I can continue to make products of the HIGHEST QUALITY, MADE with INTEGRITY and infused with UNIVERSAL MEANING.

Please view my Rewards in exchange for your support and  see details of rugs under "Post update" (top of page)  or visit
Munificent thanks to Kickstarter for this platform, the Sounds of Taraab for music and Roth Johnson for technical support.

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