Friday, May 4, 2012

Rocky Horror Art

Transylvania Nipple Productions  Photo credit: Le Anne Lindsay

I recently bought a new camera. My first expensive, more than just point and shoot Nikon.

I'm having some difficulty feeling comfortable with it; learning all the features and becoming attached to it the way I was to my 12 year-old, first digital, Olympus camera.

However, I have to say this pic I took last Saturday at the screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, is a money shot!  I really love the composition, the clarity, the theatrics.  I took it from a balcony above.

Perhaps me and the new Nikon are getting better acquainted than I thought.


  1. it is indeed, an awesome shot! Congrats! I'd love to talk photo taking with you, and what you learned at the photo class you took. Just keep snapping, you're photographic eye will develop as you progress!

  2. Thanks Denine! It's funny and fun how much blogging and photography go hand in hand. I miss our monthly meetings, we have to plan something soon, perhaps include Barbara.