Saturday, July 26, 2014

Irish Moss

Herb Irish Moss Properties and Benefits

I was walking in my neighborhood putting up signs for a Porch Sale we're having and began hacking again.  I've been experiencing an off and on, but persistent cough in my chest for weeks now.

Upon it subsiding and my final clearing of the throat, I questioned, is this serious?  Should I be more concerned?  A fleeting thought, as a sign out front advertising a jewelry sale in a small, neighborhood store caught my eye.

I walked in to discover they also sell smoothies, and decided that sounded like a good idea for lunch.  Perusing the choices of ingredients, my eyes fell upon something I've never heard of before - Irish Moss.  I asked the girl behind the counter, what is it and what is it good for? She pointed to a sign on the wall that listed the benefits of Irish Moss.  One of the main ones being, yes you guessed it - PERSISTENT COUGHS! 

Not only that, but the store turned out to have a bulletin board with a perfect spot for my last porch sale flyer.

God is always at work!


  1. Dying to hear if this works - I've had a cough for about eight months and no one can find any specific cause!

    1. I don't know if it's psychological, but I swear I got better just having that one dose. See if you can find a juice bar in your area that carries it.