Friday, August 8, 2014

Air Strikes, Ebola, Down & Missing Planes, Double Hurricanes and other Natural Disasters

Messages via Meditation

It's impossible to miss the fact that the news of the world is more dire in the last couple of months than the usual reporting of bad things happening.  I've been turning on The Today Show each morning asking, is this the end time?  Is Revelations upon us?

In 2007 I was really sick, I was suffering from an autoimmune that was partially diagnosed as Lupus, but they were still making a determination.  Eventually, I sought out an Alternative Medicine Physician who told me emphatically to start practicing meditation.  I resisted for a long time, wanting to be actively curing my illness, not sitting in the dark with my eyes closed.  However, eventually I gave in through a method that's both meditation and yoga called Kundalini.  Truthfully, I did a number of other things to help heal, but I have to say, I attribute the bulk of my wellness to making a commitment and really giving in to Kundalini yoga.

Over the years since recovering, I stopped taking yoga classes of any type and sporadically attempted to meditate, but without any consistency.  Life got busy and I felt fine.  However, over the last couple of months, I really started breaking down again. My stress level was high and some symptoms started returning. I love being the editor of Tinsel & Tine, but it's difficult to do everything I need and want for it and work a full-time job - which isn't where I want to be, which pays very little, and comes with a long commute everyday. Then there's other things that I won't go into.  On top of which, we have all this scary stuff going on in the news!

I of course considered going back to meditation, but I kept saying I don't have time, I go to bed too late, can't get up in the morning... No time before bed, too sleepy, work all day, blog at night etc.. etc.. etc..  But I also kept getting messages through random people and stuff I happened to read online, things that had nothing to do with spirituality, yet would somehow come back to meditation.  2 weeks ago, I happened to meet a Life Coach through my job, during the course of handling his account, we got to talking and he offered to meet with me free of charge for a consultation.  We spoke about a lot of personal matters, that I don't feel comfortable writing about, but his biggest push was, you guessed it ... MEDITATION!  So I couldn't fight it anymore, and once I made up my mind to commit, I've been able to wake up a half hour earlier to do it, following his instructions (so far).

Alright this is a long build up to the reason why I was compelled to write this post this morning, during my meditation today, I got a strong message that said I and the collective "we", should not be distracted by the disasters and wars happening in the world right now (easier said than done, I know), BECAUSE where there's this much negativity, there's that much more light.  That this is a time for obtaining ones heart's desire, that the Universe is really open, but because of the Ying/Yang - balancing thing that seems to be a universal law, it also creates havoc.  The "devil" wants us to miss this opening, this time of being able to align more easily with light and joy.  If we can shut out the noise and fear happening now and instead concentrate, each of us, on our inner spirit, AMAZING things could be in store!

Am I a prophetess? - certainly not.  Do I have other things I need to be working on for Tinsel & Tine, instead of taking time to write this? Yes. Am I worried that this sounds too airy fairy, crunchy granola?  Yes. Could it just be wishful thinking? Denial?...  All I can say is, it was just there, first a fleeting thought after yesterday's meditation, and really strong today.  Nor do I consider it an earth shattering, original thought. All I know is, I felt compelled to write it down, so I have.

The other thing that keeps coming up recently, is a book I read a couple of years ago, which now I seem to be better able to see its merit:

 The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom,― Miguel Ruiz

1. Be impeccable with your word - 
Follow through with what you say or promise otherwise keep your mouth shut.

2. Don’t take anything personally
99% of the time people are not trying to dis you, even when you feel you're being ignored or under appreciated. They're  just doing their own thing and will get back to you or seek you out when they need to, but it's not personal.

3. Don’t make assumptions - 
More or less a continuation of #2. Don't try and figure out what people are thinking. Be as clear in your communication as possible and then let it go.

4. Always do your best - 
I love the part in the book that says your best differs depending on the day and the subject matter and your frame of mind, but if you can say I did the best I could as each moment  comes, you've done enough.

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